start your dream career now

as a Certified Nutrition Advisor and/or Specialist Personal Trainer

start your dream career now

as a Certified Nutrition Advisor and/or Specialist Personal Trainer

We set you apart as a women’s fitness and nutrition professional

through our unique and specialised qualifications and gun team of boss babe mentors

Created by women for women

Studied the pre and post-natal course with NWFA. Not only has this course helped me personally, being a mum who works out, but more importantly I wanted to do the course to upskill my knowledge so that I can help my clients because they are all female, and a lot of them are mums too. I loved the course!

Jade Mead


I want to change society’s view of women in fitness

When I found the master female trainer cert, I felt as though I had found my passion. Ever since, I have dreamt of finding or opening my own business with my partner combining my education degree and love for women’s fitness and wellbeing with his current physio/ exercise physiology degree. This would allow me to empower women into being, feeling, and embodying the best version of themselves! (That is so important to me) Through my personal experiences, I have been able to achieve my potential and I want to change society’s view of women in fitness. Every woman CAN do ANYTHING they put their mind to.

Isabella Reed


A woman’s health is so much more than calories in vs calories out

This course is essential for anyone looking to train women of all ages and stages of their lives. A woman’s health is so much more than calories in vs calories out and this course is the best way to educate yourself as a trainer on how we can best approach a woman as her life and body changes. Thank you so much NWFA for this amazing, inclusive course – I will forever be a more considerate person and coach because of it.

Suzzanah Ferguson


The entire course is a golden nugget

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! This course is something else! All of the content is easily digestible, the speakers are engaging and make learning interesting and fun. The entire course is a golden nugget. The valuable knowledge I have gained from completing this certificate not only creates a solid foundation to go from but also gives me the information to help female clients to the best of my abilities. I cannot recommend it enough!

Lara Neill


It was ‘go at your own pace’ too, so I did a little bit each week

Great course! Really, really enjoyed the Master Female Trainer Course. It had loads of educational videos with slides which I liked. It was ‘go at your own pace’ too, so I did a little bit each week. I learned a lot which will help me with my female clients moving forward.

Michelle Johnston


They have been absolutely amazing and so helpful!

If anyone is thinking about becoming a personal trainer and completing their Cert III & IV in Fitness then I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND NWFA! They have been absolutely amazing and so helpful! Also I can’t think of a better use of your time right now than to learn and upskill! – I am so excited for the future and being able to help so many on their fitness journey.

Alana Vogt


I want to help as many women as I can

I had been searching for PT courses for a while, however, I was also fearful of the idea of studying again (it had been so long). Then I came across the National Women’s Fitness Academy and I was instantly drawn in. I knew I wanted to help and educate women on nutrition and health and what the academy was offering was exactly that! It was January 2020 when I enrolled and I am so thrilled I took the leap with NWFA! I wanted to enter the fitness industry as a PT as I want to help as many women as I can out there, to find themselves again after pregnancy and adjusting to life with young children. My initial plan once qualified is to be a PT for women, at different stages of their life and their health and wellness journey. Another amazing thing with NWFA is their masters in female training course!

Teena Slaibi


There is no better place than the NWFA!

Knowing I can help women feel better, feel more confident, feel stronger in the health & fitness space is hugely fulfilling. As I entered motherhood I realised there were so many women out there that needed help and guidance in this area – and with my background knowledge, as well as my qualifications in nutrition it was the perfect addition to expand and grow my knowledge and in turn my business and career. If you’re thinking of studying fitness and want to train women, there is no better place than the NWFA.

Danni Duncan


So glad I joined the team!

I have completed all my qualifications through NWFA and could not recommend them enough! They have been amazing this whole journey and made me feel part of the family. There learning is so flexible yet so hands on, so glad I joined the team ❤

Paige Draper


Absolutely loved it!

I absolutely loved learning more about the menstrual cycle. Learning that we experience different energy levels depending on where we are at made so much sense and I had a lot of “ahuh” moments. Thanks so much for the huge variety in this course. Absolutely loved it!

Nicole Waters

Kim Webber-Lally

I am so excited for what the future holds

So many topics! I’m finding this course so informative, and such a great range of topics to help you become knowledgeable in the female aspect of training. I have completed my Cert III and almost the Cert IV, Nutrition Adviser and Masters. Once I complete these qualifications I hope to start my own small business and help women with all things health and fitness which is something I am so passionate about. I am so excited for what the future holds

Kim Webber-Lally


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Yes, you'll still be qualified to coach males

All institutes prepare you to train males, but, only a National Women’s Fitness Academy graduate has exceptional capability around the issues we encounter as women

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Learn more about the national Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30315) & Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40215)

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Learn more about our Certified Women’s Nutrition Adviser course

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