Helping people on a deeper level: Ashleigh Boehm on how healing from negative body image evolved her as a coach and person
Siggy Fisher speaks with Ashleigh Boehm of Warrior Woman Wellness about her evolution from aesthetics focused fitness to spiritual and mindset.

Ashleigh helped women with physical transformations for years, but as she evolved, so did her coaching style.

With a long history of eating disorders, Ashleigh admitted she was projecting her own unhealed wounds onto her clients.

Always fat loss focused, it wasn’t until Ashleigh did a soul-searching journey in South America, that she realised while she thought she was helping people, she was actually projecting her unhealed wounds onto them.

“I cried when I realised that I had been telling women to lose weight, when most of them did not need to,” she said.

She now coaches and practices informed eating – the middle ground between intuitive eating and nutritional science.

Strong over skinny: Soph Allen talks about gaining weight her battles with endometriosis
If you are feeling bad about gaining weight, or struggling with body image as a coach, this podcast is a must listen!

NWFA Podcast host Siggy speaks with Sophie Allen about the rollercoaster many women go on when embarking on a fitness journey.

The girls chat about how ditching the scales helped her overcome negative body image, how she dealt with negative comments online and how she trains and eats now after a break from dieting.

Sophie also talks about her battles with endometriosis and mistake that almost killed her.

Her app – Train With Soph – is now a global fitness platform, helping women build confidence, get strong, perfect their technique

“I was really misinformed coming through my fitness journey, so I wanted to educate and help women in their journeys,” she said.

Thinking of getting into fitness as a career?

Sophie says:

“What you do in your spare time for free, is really indicative of where you’re likely to get paid to do something that doesn’t really feel like work.”

Sophie also gives us the best tips on how to grow your online presence and business.

Host: Siggy Fisher

Guest: Sophie Allen

Bariatric Surgery – is it worth it?
Over 14,000 operations for weight loss are performed in Australia each year. About 70% of those are gastric sleeve, 20% gastric band and 10% gastric bypass.

We speak with ex pro hockey player and personal trainer Rhonda about her long battle with eating disorders, and why she chose to go under the knife.

Is there still stigma around it?

What is recovery like?

Do you get enough support post-op?

How do you recover properly after training?

What happens when old habits creep back in?

We also unpack the mental load and mindset techniques that have helped Rhonda get through it all.


Succeeding in sport, business and Instagram with Paige (biker biddie) Mills
Paige (Biker Biddie) Mills is a powerlifting, Harley riding, triathlon champion who inspires thousands of women to breakthrough barriers and kick-ass in life, sport and business.

NWFA Podcast host Alex McNeil from Girls Who Lift, spoke with the Instagram star turned athlete about how to build a following and grow your business to support the lifestyle you deserve.

Her page @bikerbiddie has more than 311K followers, and she runs a successful coaching business from a shipping container that she crafted into a boutique strength studio in Geelong (@40ftstrong).

The self proclaimed ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ is pretty darn good at anything she turns her hand to.

Starting out like many do in the fitness industry, Paige was simply lifting weights to look better naked. But after she high bar squatted 100kg at 65kg body weight, a friend told her she should try powerlifting.

“I was training with a lot of men, I just thought everyone could do that, wasn’t a big deal, then a friend of mine said I should try power lifting. I said ‘Show me the women doing this sport'”

When she found them she started training with them and after winning her first novice comp she realised she was not just average, but naturally elite.

Paige said changing that focus from how the body looks to what the body can do, is empowering.

listen to Paige’s tips on innovative ways for coaches to make money, and how to be authentic and grow a following on Instagram, as well as her plans for the future.

“There is so much demand for good personal trainers, to make a living you don’t need a big following or even be different to others,” Paige said.

“Everyone wants to improve their body and their lifestyle, there is room for everyone in the industry.

“If you are 55 and have only been training yourself for 5 years and you don’t have abs you can still fill a (PT) book by being personable and being nice to people, talking to people at the gym, and repetition.

“5-10 years ago, being perfect and having abs all year round, was the way to go viral and have success. Now it is so hard to go viral on Instagram, being lean and beautiful doesn’t cut it.

“Its not enough for people to juts be hot, you need to show personality and be authentic.

Don’t disregard having a few thousand followers, they are so valuable, but if you want to grow collaboration is key” Paige added.

Host – Alex McNeil:…

Guest – Paige Mills:

Why women should train differently to men and what we should have been taught at school about our hormones
Siggy Fisher speaks with women’s physio Kayla Mulvogue about all things female fitness and functionality

Kayla explains some of the anatomical differences in female body’s and how to change a strength program to suit.

Siggy and Kayla chat about how you can work with your hormones and physiology, why female trainers are so important in the industry and the potential dangers of hormonal birth control for young girls and women.

Bridging the gap between rehab and personal training with Dr Dani Antonellos
Making waves the industry and bridging the gap between rehab and fitness, Alex McNeil speaks with Dr Dani Antonellos about education and allied health.

Personal trainer, pro bikini athlete, osteopath and co-host of the popular podcast “Level Up: With Sharelle & Dan” – we chat with Dani about how she got to where she is, her advise for others in the industry and what she plans to do next!