October 20 – 29

 (Starting the Thursday after the National school holidays have finished)


February 9 – 18

 (Starting the Thursday after the National school holidays have finished)

Welcome to our newest and most exciting opportunity (think adventure) to develop yourself, gain qualifications and build life-long connections with women just like you!

Bali EduVacations is essentially a fusion of women’s fitness, education, networking and fun!

Not just a Bali retreat – but a self-development, friendship forming, self-love and confidence building 10 days, filled with endless opportunities to build your optimal future.

Select from one of two groups

Group one will be using a part of this experience to complete tasks to obtain their Certificate III & IV in Fitness.

Group two either already have their Cert III & IV or have no interest in obtaining it and their time will be spent engaging in a wider range of recreational activities.

Back to group one

The Australian and New Zealand Certificate III & IV in Fitness requires the completion of practical tasks and hours that need to take place in a gym with a qualified trainer and assessor (there’s no such thing as a 100% online Cert III & IV in Fitness).

There’s a variety of ways to complete these tasks, but, rather than hanging around a gym floor in Werribee or Wollongong, we think we’ve got something that’s a teeny bit more beneficial and enjoyable for you!

Would you like to complete these tasks over 10 days in Bali, AND, have our incredible NATIONWIDE education team share their knowledge and experience with you?

Group two

Group two is for everyone who doesn’t need to do their Cert III & IV practical tasks. You’ll spend a part of each day joining in with group one for the specialised workshops with our education team and then separate off to spend the rest of your time taking part in recreational activities (opting in and out as you please).

  • Would you like a photoshoot with some of the best scenery in the world as a backdrop? 
  • Would you like to train alongside some of the industries best coaches and learn in the trenches from them?
  • Would you like to attend cooking classes, do yoga, be treated in day spas, sunbathe, make your own coconut oil, trek, design jewellery, attend as many CrossFit Wanderlust classes as you can survive, learn to make cocktails and much more, taking part together with our girl gang together and you simply opt-in and opt-out as you please? 

  • Would you like the odd day off so you can shop or relax?
  • Would you like meals prepared by specialised chefs who can nail your macros?
  • Would you like all this for only a fraction more than the same fees as our Australian based students?

We know some of you are thinking there’s too much risk of cancellation due to flights, border restrictions or ill health.

We don’t disagree, but, we’re an eternal bunch of optimists around these parts and we think, firstly, you actually have nothing to lose as we’ve got a full money back guarantee for you if it’s cancelled.

And secondly, we just think life’s too short to not at least prepare for travel, fun and adventure.

Also, don’t worry about booking flights, accommodation etc just yet – simply secure your EduVacation spot before someone else does!

If it’s actually possible we’re planning on having even more fun from October 20th than we did in July – are you going to join us or what?

Bali EduVacation FAQ’s

What about organising and paying for flights, accommodation, meals, airport transfers etc?

The general idea is you find and pay for your own flights, accommodation, airport transfers and your own meals and personal expenses and travel insurance etc. 

Included in our fees are all costs involved in the qualification, education and recreational activities including unlimited gym entry. 

The photoshoot is included and you’ll be able to keep all images that you want to. 

Any transport to and from a scheduled group activity is covered by us but if you want to take a taxi to buy an ice cream for example – that will need to be covered by you.

You can stay in any accommodation you desire and we’ll send you the options where most of the rest of us girls will be staying in Canggu and provide you with discount code.

I can’t stay for a whole 10 days but I’m desperate to join in – will that be possible?

Yes no problem but we’d suggest a one week minimum as this will allow us sufficient time to complete the essentials of the qualification.  You don’t necessarily have to arrive on day one either but we do advise this.

What happens if something comes up and last minute I can’t make it?

We understand these things happen and you’ll be able to jump into any future EduVacation with us and not have any penalties.  The only caveat to that would be if future EduVacation trips go up in price you’ll be asked to pay the difference.

Any flight or accommodation type cancellation expense will be yours to manage.

What if COVID continues or something like COVID happens again and the trip gets cancelled?

Obviously, we all hope that is behind us now but if not, we will simply re-schedule and provide as much notice as possible.

What if something similar to COVID happens again and all trips get cancelled for a multi-year period?

Group one will be refunded the difference between what the qualification would cost you in Australia/NZ and the extra you pay for the EduVacation component.  Ie, if the equivalent fees for an Australian based student is $5000 and you paid $5600 – you’ll be refunded $600.

Group two will receive a full refund.

I’m not from Australia or New Zealand – can I still come?

Yes but you’d need to pay the fees for group two upfront to secure a spot.

Can my partner and/or my family come for the trip?

Yes sure no issue whatsoever. They obviously just can’t take part in the group activities.

I’d love to come but have young children that unfortunately I can’t leave back in Australia for whatever reason – is there a creche service I can use during the days?

Yes! This would obviously come at an extra cost and you coordinate that directly with the hotel.

I’m quite old (or quite young) but feel really connected to this – can I still come?

If you feel a strong tie or bond to this concept – we insist that you come or at least enquire and honestly, in our experience a few outliers in age will bring an irreplaceable chemistry.

I’ve never been overseas before and my parents want me to have more support around organising my trip ie, help finding suitable accommodation, transfer to and from the airport, exchanging money etc. Will I be able to get help with that?

Yes we totally understand your situation as travelling to a foreign country for the first time especially when they don’t speak the same language can be overwhelming. Therefore, yes we can take care of all that including having one of our Australian girls meet you at the airport and drop you back afterwards at the airport and walk you all the way to your flight terminal so you don’t miss your flight!

You just book your flights and we’ll take care of everything else for you.

There will obviously be an additional fee involved in this service and in the enquiry form below please state what you need and we’ll reply with a quote.

I want to come but don’t want to take part in the photoshoot?

No problem whatsoever.

FAQ’s specific to Group One

I only want a Cert III - can I still come?

Yes no problem and you’ll have a little extra time up your sleeve as you don’t have to do the compulsory Cert IV tasks like the others.

I already have a Cert III and just need my Cert IV – can I still come?

Yes no problem and you’ll have a little extra time up your sleeve as you don’t have to do the compulsory Cert III tasks like the others.

How much online work do I need to have completed by the time this starts?

Technically nothing is required, but, this trip will no doubt sell out many months in advance so hopefully you’ll have the opportunity to complete something in that time period.

I’m studying my certs with another institute – can I simply swap to you ladies?

You can, but, it might be unlikely they’d give you a refund so you’d have to factor that into your decision. Qualifications aside, you can also simply join as a group two participant.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes we’ve got extremely flexible payment plans to the point where you can more or less select the amount you wish to pay back each week.

Group one applicants please see our main FAQ section for more details.

FAQ’s specific to Group Two

I already have my Cert III & IV – will I learn much from coming?

Yes absolutely!  It’s also very fair to suggest that you’ll learn more than if you studied with us back home as you get our nationwide education team as opposed to just your local education team.  Ie, you’ll learn from our best Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Perth facilitators rather than just being instructed by your local cities team.

Can I come if I have no interest in the qualifications but purely want to come for the camaraderie, experience (and the banter)?

Sure can and you’re ideal for group two.

I’m not a Personal Trainer and to be honest, have no interest in becoming one – can I still come?

Sure can and you’re ideal for group two.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes for group two our plans starts as low as $40 per week and you’ve got the ability to spread the length of your term anywhere up to 12 months.

 You can also select what day of the week or fortnight to be deducted and you can make lump sum payments at any time to complete the plan earlier if you prefer with no additional fees.

Available for Australians and New Zealanders only.

Would it actually be possible to find women who are more similar to you than on a trip like this?

Bali EduVacation Fees

Group One

Group one is for our students (or future students) who wish to use the majority of this time to complete their Cert III & IV practical tasks and have an incredible educational experience.

You’ll still get to participate in some of the same recreational activities as group two – just less of them in total.

$950 on top of your current or quoted study package

Group Two

Group two is for participants who wish to use this experience to have more options in recreational activities and education.

Basically, as a group two participant you get the option to participate in a wider range of experiences.

You can choose from the same educational experiences as group one.

And/or more recreational activities.

Or, your own blend of both – opting in and opting out as you choose.


Just in case it’s unclear – plenty of fun and networking will take place across both groups and we’ll be staying closely together so you’ll more or less see every one every day.

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I’m loving the sound of this, but I’ve got questions.

If there’s something you’d like to ask us or you’d like to arrange a payment plan or bank transfer, then after reading the above FAQ’s please complete the enquiry form and we’ll reply to you within 24 hours (please remember to check your junk/ spam folder)

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