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This certificate is obtainable to any and all females (and males) looking to further their skills and knowledge in exercise considerations around our unique bodies and the stages we face.

Including pregnancy, post-partum, hormones, body image, menstrual cycle, menopause and much more.

There are four units and once they’re completed and you’re assessed as competent, you’ll receive a

Master Certificate in Fitness Programming for Females

The investment is $400 per unit or $1350 for all four units

Payment plans available!

*If you’re already enrolled into our Cert III & IV in Fitness, these workshops are included for free

**Tax invoice available for Personal Trainers (and all ABN holders)

***Gym owners – please contact us directly to discuss staff training and/or face to face delivery


Recognise and apply exercise science principles to females and the menstrual cycle

This unit delves into the female hormone cycle and how it affects training and nutrition. Students will look at everything from periodising training, to hormonal disorders such as PCOS, PMDD & endometriosis. This unit also looks at fertility and how exercise and nutrition can affect conception.


Understand physiological differences between the genders and incorporate these concepts into fitness programming

Students will understand the main differences between male and female physiology, explain the benefits of understanding female physiology for exercise programming, demonstrate gender specific fitness programming, identify differences in nutrition requirements. Students will also be educated in body image, disordered eating, weight stigma and mindset in female fitness programming.


Recognise and incorporate exercise science principles for pre and post-natal female clients

This unit covers everything from pelvic floor health, mental health, safest exercises for pre and post-natal clients and how to adapt programs, to understanding pre and post-natal complications, and the nutritional and supplemental needs of pre and post-natal clients.


Understand and apply exercise considerations around the female menopause cycle

Students will understand the stages of menopause and how women are impacted mentally and physically throughout its cycle. They will be able to adapt programs to suit menopausal clients through these phases and deliver safe and effective exercise programs, as well as understand the benefits of nutrition and supplementation.

^Completion allows all graduates to obtain insurance with Guild Insurance and receive coverage for coaching or instructing pre and/or post natal women

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