Let’s Be Real(istic) When It Comes To Boundaries & Downtime with Alice Round

Alice Round joined Sig today and opened up about the reality of being a full time mum, coach, loving partner and business owner. Wearing so many hats, a structured plan must be set out. Have you ever found yourself stuck and overwhelmed with your day to day tasks? If so, keep on listening how to manage your time better, be more efficient with your work and setting healthy boundaries for yourself and those around you. Some topics that were spoken about: Nutrition and your life stages The problem with macro calculators Tips for balancing work with being a busy mum How to set boundaries with clients in a healthy setting The pros & cons of schedules, routines, and winging It Why your brain needs more downtime

Do You Take Ownership Of Everything In Your Life? with Helena Sly

Helena Sly joined Sig and openly shared her personal experience of undergoing back surgery due to always being in chronic pain. Where it has led her to learn more about the body and help others overcome pain too. If you’re one who suffers from back pain or know someone that does, this is a must episode to bookmark. As a coach and a competitor, Helena expresses that time management is your best friend. Too often we say we don’t have enough time but that’s all due to how we perceive it and manage it. The girls dove into helping you manage your time better to overcome overwhelm, worry and strategies to get creative back into your life. Some topics that were spoken about: Training After Neck or Back Surgery Dieting is A Short Term Goal Not A Lifestyle Change What Pressures You To Get Training Done? Time Management Strategies For Work Productivity Do You Know Where Your Limit Is With Clients? Are You One Who Fears To Take A Break?

Ways To Gain Confidence When Stepping Into The Unknown with Stephanie Sanzo

The inspiring Stephanie Sanzo shared her story with us today what motivated her to become the athlete she is today and the inspiration of entering the fitness industry. Just like most women, Stephanie did have the fear of becoming “bulky” from lifting weights and limiting beliefs around lifting heavier due to that misconception. However as time went on discovered it’s not that easy to gain muscle and takes more than just lifting weights. If you’re one who’s thought this or are scared or lifting weights – keep listening on as the girls discuss the mechanics of what actually happens to our bodies when progressing into weightlifting as women. Some topics that were spoken about: Are you afraid of getting “big and bulky”? It’s fine to wear makeup every day, if that makes you feel happy How to learn to let go of what you can’t control What do you like to do for fun?

Finding Balance: Do You Live to Work or Work to Live?

If you’re one who’s been feeling stuck, burnout and needing a motivation to get things moving again, this episode is for you. Sig and Alex got together, spoke openly and dove indepthly into what life has been over the past 6 months personally as well as business women. As women were expected to act, look and be certain ways according to society, but what if you had the power to let it all go and do what it is that you want and what truly makes you happy? Wouldn’t you be happier? Some topics that were spoken about: Do you push through pain? The benefits of cold water therapy and why you should do it Tactics to give off more feminine energy Lessons from us on how to combat burnout Syncing your business with your menstrual cycle

Do your scales dictate how you feel?

Abby from Abbitude_fitness spoke with Sig today about the importance of why you shouldn’t dictate your self worth because of what the scales show. The girls dove deep into their history, where Abby also shared a personal story about what pushed her to get into the gym and become a trainer. This is one episode you do not want to miss. Some topics that were spoken about: Health Is Not Only About Appearances, How the Scale Affects Women and Their Mood, Why Eating More Might Actually Be the Secret to Losing Weight, The Real Value of Having A Coach

How Fear Holds You Back (and How to Conquer It)

Bridgette Godfrey WBFF Pro spoke to Sig all about facing her fears, while venturing out to live her new life in Bali. Have you ever dreamed of moving away or seeking your dream job, but felt held back by your fears and thoughts? Then this episode is for you.

Bridgette shared her key takeaways from living in Bali that have helped her become certain of her choices and the life she’s wanting to build outside of Australia as a coach.

Some topics that were spoken about: STOP Talking Yourself Out of Things Living in Bali: The Pros and Cons You Need to Know, Journey from Distance Running to Bodybuilding, Key Learnings from Living Solo Overseas Logical vs. Emotional Decision Making, Bali retreat, women’s fitness and Studying fitness in Bali

Does Work-Life Balance Exist? A Myth or a Reality? with Beth Clare

If you love training glutes this episode is for you. Beth Clare joined Sig and spoke about the importance of training effectively, tying work and life balances together and so many great in depth lessons from injuries, being burnt out and growth that you will all admire to learn about. Some topics that were spoken about: How to Measure Progress and Achieve Goals, How to Pull Back When You’ve Pushed for so Long, Rebounding from Coaching Mistakes, How Work-Life Balance Is a Cycle Not an Achievement, How to Set Boundaries with Clients in a Healthy Setting

This is for you if you’ve neglected your health

Faye Sheridan an advocate for women’s health and a guru when it comes to menstrual health, joined Sig and busted many myths and dropped plenty of truth bombs that will blow your mind. In today’s episode the girls have explained beautifully how to stop normalising your crappy pms symptoms and what to do to reclaim your optimal health as a woman.

Some topics that were spoken about: Your PMS is a blanket symptom for your issues, How your gut microbiome affects your vaginal microbiome, Busting menstrual cycle myths, What are your current fitness goals? Are you adding play time to your schedule? That feeling in your gut is your intuition, follow it don’t ignore it.

Why we should avoid the quick fix

Jamie Ford is a woman just like you. She has gone through phases of being underweight, obese and everything in between. She has tried every ‘diet’ you can think of, and every time ended up right back where she started, or worse! Sig and Jamie discussed the realities of quick fixes, food restrictions and the all or nothing mindset. A great in depth conversation about the cause and effects of having food limiting beliefs and how you can overcome it today to achieve a sustainable life around food and training. Some topics that were spoken about: Why You Should Avoid the Quick Fix and How What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Eating Junk Dealing with Uncertainty and Progress Education and Lifestyle Predict Change in Dietary Patterns The Truth about Counting Calories

Is It Time to Re-label Self-Care as Self-Accountability?

We welcomed Ebony Lane, who holds her title as the 5th ranked fastest sprinter in Australia to today’s episode. Ebony discussed with Sig about the reality of being an athlete from a young age, to the sacrifices she had to take, the changes she had to make and the work she had put in place to become the athlete she is today. From lockdown difficulties to challenging environments, Ebony is one strong woman and will honestly tell you her truth. Now as a coach she carries an inspiring role to help her clients achieve their goals and dreams. Some topics that were spoken about: How To Lovingly Let Go Of Friendships Maintaining Healthy Habits from Lockdown Why Talking About Our Problems Helps So Much Redirecting a Bad Experience Pros and Cons of Being a Runner How to Handle a Tough Conversation With a Client

Are You A Risk Taker Or Do You Like To Stay Away From Risks?

Coach Gemma Mullins from Uplift movement spoke openly about the risks she has taken to become the confident woman she is today. From many obstacles and challenges she has gained many lessons from taking risks in her career as well as in her personal life. Throughout her years of training, Gemma has learnt a lot about her resilience and capabilities on how she’s moved from a beginner to an advanced trainer. The lessons that were shared with you, have transferred into other areas of her life which many people don’t realise until they start their own fitness journey. The girls spoke about their personal experiences from dieting, identifying stages of progress and discussing how to tackle hard conversations with clients when it comes to programming and coaching skills. Some topics that were spoken about: Overcoming Gym Intimidation How To Stand Out In A Saturated Market Why Failure Is Good for Learning, and How It Applies to Your Life Why You Should Be Filming Your Lifts Identifying If You’re Ready To Diet How to Give Clients What They Need, Not Only What They Want

Flexible Eating: Why I Stopped Restricting Food

If you’re one who restricts her food this episode is for you. Coach Tahlia Skye joined Sig today about the power she regained once stop depriving and restricting her favorite foods. From young age her relationship with food was poor which passed on to her adulthood. Constant cheat days because she was restricting her favourite foods throughout the weeks. Just like many of us, she had issues with weight loss due to her lack of education of food. Tahlia was sure she was choosing the “right” healthier food choices to lose the weight, until she came to awareness that there was a more sustainable way of eating and she shares that with you all today. Some topics that were spoken about: How Cheat Days Affect Your Body The Most Outrageous Restrictive Diets of All Time How to Overcome the Fear of “Putting Yourself Out There” How to stop letting excuses hold you back

Letting Go of Your Old Self – Clear & Simple

Sofia Toumbas a former competitive athlete joins Sig by sharing her truth and vulnerability around being a new mum and embracing her new identity. Both Sig and Sofia are experiencing identity changes in polar opposite ways but both express the joy they have from it by proving themselves change is inevitable and part of womanhood. Let go of the old you to make room for the new you! It takes slowing down to spend time with yourself. It takes courage to be honest with yourself. Also, a raw and honest outlook from Sofia’s pregnancy and birth events, which will make you appreciate your body more and what it’s capable of achieving. Some topics that were spoken about: The Subtle Power of Changing Your Identity Postpartum Mindset and How to Process It Dealing with The Pressures of Motherhood Postpartum Nourishment Knowing When to Push, and When to Pull Back with Training

Go Long: Why Long-Term Thinking is Your Best Short-Term Strategy

Kim Leggett is not your typical coach. With her wealth of knowledge as a coach she is also a down to earth chick who’s experienced the up and downs of body image through her career as a previous model.

Just like most of women, Kim has had her fair share of experiences from being unhealthy, underweight and everything in between. An honest conversation where she shared it with all with us today.

Sig and Kim openly spoke about how there is a shift in the industry which is leading women to empower one another to be their best through education and mentorship.

Some topics that were spoken about:

Life Lessons Kim Learned From Modeling
How Strength Training Benefits Women of All Ages
The Stigma Around Women Lifting Weights
How To Maintain Focus On Long-Term Goals In A Short-Term
The REALEST truth about Online Coaching of all time

WEAR the damn SHORTS! with Nikki Chamberlain

From a high school teacher to Women’s Fitness Coach, Nikki has proven to us all that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

Self development and education is one of Nikki’s values, and both her and Sig spoke about the investments and the rewards from taking the leap of faith to doing the work as coaches and as students of life.

An open and fun conversation about what it takes to be a good coach in the industry, how to overcome limiting beliefs and being confident stepping into the gym independently.

Some of the topics covered:
How to Stand Out From Other Personal Trainers
Ways to Develop A Growth Mindset
Wearing Shorts In The Gyms With Cellulite
Why You Should Be Filming Your Lifts
Ways to Learn to Love Yourself and Be Happy

Want To Change Your Life? Change Your Narrative

Schae is on a mission to help more women in strength training and support them to find their way to the barbell.

From being part of the bodybuilding federation in 2015, Schae realised that even at her smallest, her body still wasn’t good enough. Not long after she found the love for powerlifting and found out what it meant to ‘be more’ both physically and mentally.

From that point forward she hasn’t based her goals and worth around her body and its proportions. Sig and Schae dive deep on the the struggles around body image, overcoming it with the use of strength training, and empowering our listeners to make positive change in their lives too.

Some topics that were spoken about:

The Switch From Bodybuilding to Powerlifting
Common Training Misconceptions Debunked
Why the “Wedding Diet” Needs to be Cancelled
The Bench Press Arch — Is it Safe and Effective?
The Future of Youth Strength Training


Life Is Short, Eat the Damn Carbs
Kayla Cerda Sydney based Coach is here to make a difference.
From young age of being into fitness, she is now educating clients the correct way of fueling and caring for their bodies.

Sig and Kayla busted some common myths in the health and fitness industry, expressing their personal experiences and tips on how to overcome them too.

Kayla is putting a stop to chasing just weight loss goal and inspiring others to do the same by building women up to performance based training and to eat more carbs for enjoyment!

Some topics that were spoken about:

Why to stop chasing weight loss, and start choosing life
Busting Nutrition Myths
Why the Coach-Client Relationship Is So Important
Coaching Through Lockdowns
The Truth about “Toning”
Enjoy this fun and honest episode!

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Business Skills 101: Embracing the Pivot Mindset with Zoe Knight

Zoe Knight the go to woman and Co-founder of Muscle Nerds addressed some serious pointers about owning a business, especially during covid lockdowns.

Zoe is all about taking risks and not losing her chances when it comes to work, business and life. By following this motto, it has led her to be where she is today – based in home she feels safe, a mum of 3 gorgeous pups (give them a follow), co owning a company that she absolutely loves and caring for herself too amongst the busyness of life.

Some topics that were spoken about on the podcast:

– The story of Muscle Nerds
– The reality of buying and owning a gym
– COVID lockdowns with it’s personal and financial struggles
– The true emotions of running a business
– Embracing the pivot mindset

Listen now via the links at the top of this page.


How You Can Make the Impossible Possible
From hating fitness to loving the process, Laura and Sig spoke about the importance of strength training and how it’s changed their lives positively.

Laura has spent the last 7 years in Australia and is a Women’s coach based in Ballarat, is on a mission is to help women achieve what they once thought was impossible by educating them on how to train smart and how to eat and train with purpose.

Some topics that were spoken about:

Avoiding Training Plateaus
Things to know When It Comes To Progressive Overload
Counting Calories Really Isn’t Necessary for Everyone
Align Your Goals with Your Values
Enjoy this informative and truthful episode!
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Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway with Tash from Girlfitmethod
Natasha Wakefield the owner of Girl Fit Method, opened up about her experience as a fitness advocate, her history of fearing foods and how she’s overcome it and teaching more women to do it too!

From chatting about food freedom, Sig and Tash then honestly spoke about the reality of owning businesses as coaches, the ebbs and flows of growth and how to conquer your inner bitch when self doubt kicks in.

Some topics that were spoken about:

How push through your fears
Success is more than just numbers
Scaling businesses as PT’s
How to push through hard times
Non negotiables with mindset practices

Enjoy this honest and truthful episode!
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What is Optimal Health and How Do You Achieve It?
Amy is here to tech you how to eat to nourish & support yourself in a way that can maintain your leanest & healthiest physique year round (this also means retaining your menstrual cycle!)

Not to aim for “Normal” health, but instead, OPTIMAL HEALTH..

Amy opened up about her days of bodybuilding competitions and how she did it 6 times in 2 years, which lead her to health concerns.
Part of this had inspired her to educate the evidence health based practices to women.

A fun and honest conversation around health and fitness lead Sig and Amy to chat about some controversial topics around women’s wellbeing. Where discussed that major steps are needed to help the women who are anxious over their bodie … that looking after your wellbeing in any form is a major self care practice.

Some topics that were spoken about:

Lost period for 6 years: How she got it back
Nutrition Play a Role in ADHD
How undereating results you in loss of nutrients
Why 1200 calories isn’t your answer to weight loss
Crushing the taboos around women’s wellbeing

Enjoy this informative episode!
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Believe in your worth and you will reach your full potential
From pursuing a career in dance Juliette decided to become a PT and has never regretted her decision.

With her experience of dancing and bodybuilding, Juliette was left feeling burnt out and depleted. She was tired of being judged, feeling depleted and hungry – and that’s when her focus towards health shifted with a holistic approach to get herself better but also her clients.

Juliette loves what she does because she thrives helping people become better versions of themselves and to be able to see those results excel aside from body composition goals, which has proven them that there’s more to health than just looking a certain way.

Topics that were spoken about:

Juliette’s competitions journey
The importance of internal health over external looks
Believing in your true potential
How to honour your pregnancy journey
Pregnancy and cravings
One size does not fit all

Enjoy this informative episode!
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Stop Trying to Shrink, It’s Time to Be Strong
Since the age of 17 Sophie May knew she wanted to train people. As she got older she found her passion towards women’s health & it’s kind of lead her to where she is today amongst other experiences she had as a teenager who was coming into the fitness industry.

Sig and Sophie spoke about their personal experiences with weight loss, how Sophie lost 15kg during her fitness journey and it’s complications throughout the years.

As a Women’s Holistic Health Coach, Sophie is passionate about empowering women to take care of their internal health while achieving fitness or physique based goals.

This was one real conversation for any woman (and man) who wants to debunk the myths around weight loss and know how to train with your cycle.

Some topics that were spoken about:

Sophie’s 15kg weight loss journey + her loss of period
Why following generic diets can be detrimental to your health
From pt to online during pandemic
Nutrition myths with pcos
Programming with your cycle not against it
The importance of tracking your cycle
Why coaches need coaches – the best way to learn

Enjoy this informative episode!
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Health Is Your Greatest Wealth
Dr Joanna Macmeikan a health care practitioner, Mother, Book lover and natural fertility expert joined Sig today diving deep into how she loves helping people feel less pain and more joy.

From having her fair share of health challenges over the years, Joanna knows what it’s like to be stuck in a cycle of feeling sick, tired, overwhelmed and frustrated.

But helps you understand that can get better, with the help of a professional to get to the root of the problem, instead of only dealing with the symptoms forever.

Some topics that were spoken about:

Understand more about UTIs
Is drinking cranberry juice a myth?
Everything you need to know about cosmetic acupuncture
Giving thanks can make you happier

Enjoy this informative episode!
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Balance your hormones, balance your life with Dr Nat Kringoudis
Dr Nat Kringoudis a health care practitioner, Author, Speaker and all-round natural fertility expert joined Sig today diving deep into how to work with your cycle and not against it.

She has a non preachy, no BS, completely natural way with helping women getting their hormones happier and healthier.

Some topics that were spoken about:

Fertility is more than just making babies.
How to work with your cycle for your advantage.
Supplementations to support your gut health
PMS facts and tips
Stress management: Know your triggers

Enjoy this informative episode!
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Punch fear in the face feat. Ella Ung
You can be hard working and playful at the same time.

Ella Ung an online mindset and fitness coach opening up to how she shifted her mindset from having limiting beliefs to building self confidence.

Ellavate with Ella is all about building women up, through education and knowledge from my own personal experiences.

Ella and Sig spoke about their personal experience as being coaches in the health and fitness industry, sharing their mistakes and learnings and to empower more women to be more of themselves and not what others think they should be perceived as.

We spoke about:

Coaching mistakes
Social media content tips
How to become a compassionate coach
The power of being part of a community
How to self your self doubt and fears

We also spoke about the mindset shifts throughout her fitness journey and how important it is to show yourself the love you give to others.

This episode has many key takeaways that you, your clients and friends can apply straight away.




Real life: From bodybuilding to bumps and curves with Emily King
Emily King is a mum of one, WBFF Champ, previous experience as a nurse and a successful business owner of King Bodies Online Coaching.

Emily shared her personal experience from giving birth to little Luna, her current postpartum training and nutrition and shared her wealth of knowledge around entering this festive season.

We spoke about:

Birth experience
How it is being a mum and business owner
Mindset practices during pregnancy
Nutrition tools postpartum
How to enter this festive season mindfully

We also spoke about the mindset shifts throughout her pregnancy and how important it is to give your body a rest of dieting and enjoy the smaller things in life.

This episode has many key takeaways that you, your clients and friends can apply straight away.

People won’t care about how much you know, until they know how much you care
On today’s episode Sigi Fisher chats to Caterina Pauluzzi about everything from how to be a good coach, retain clients, continue learning and growing while helping others.

The evolving journey of being a coach – the difference between where you start and where you end up, is something that Cat and Sig both know very well.

Business hasn’t been easy over lockdowns and uncertainty in Sydney but one thing has kept Cats clients all coming back to her – how much she cares!

“I care a lot about my clients, I got told I care too much by managers in the past, but no matter what business you’re running, you have to care about people,” Cat said.

“People need that. When you first start out, you might not be the best in the industry, but if you just care about your clients, you will go a long way.

Listen to this insightful chat about how to help clients with their mindset and celebrating the little things that together all make a big difference.

From criminology to fitness – Ellie Silvers on pursuing her passion
Strength and health coach Ellie Silvers is one strong woman.

Listen to Ellie and Sig chat about how she went from two hours of cardio a day and living off of carrots and lettuce, to lifting heavy, eating right and competing in powerlifting competitions

Ellie didn’t always see fitness as a possible career, starting a business degree, going onto law, until half-way through her criminology degree, she started training in the gym and fell in love with it.

While she admitted she didn’t think she was good enough, Ellie said one person asked her to train them and that was enough to spark her confidence and to just give it a go!

Five years later she is a high-level PT in Sydney.

Listen to her advice on the importance of seeing the red flags and screening clients for eating disorders and how to navigate body image and client expectations.

How Chinese medicine is helping with PMS and hormone health
You’ve probably heard of cupping and acupuncture, but what about vagina steaming??

Acupuncturist Dr Abbie shares how Chinese medicine is helping women with their hormonal, mental and physical health.

Chinese medicine is a 4000+ year old practice based on lifestyle and environmental influences and looks at the relationships between our internal systems to find and treat imbalances.

Ok so back to the ‘vagine steam’… Dr Abbie says steaming the vagina with Chinese herbs helps women with PMS, endometriosis or both birth pain and encourages good natural internal bacteria to prevent thrush and urinary tract infections.

Abbie, who is the leading cosmetic acupuncturist in the Southern Hemisphere, has trained extensively overseas. After completing her internship in China, Abbie followed referred Doctors in France, until continuing her learning in cosmetic and facial reading diagnostics in Hong Kong, Japan and New Zealand.

Keen for a visit? Dr Abbey practices from Zhong Centre in Melbourne or visit the online store: https://zhongcentre.com/

Eat the doughnuts – how flexible dieting has put pleasure into body re-composition
Listen to how Elin Granstrand healed her disordered eating and is now blossoming in life and business.

Originally from Sweden, Elin said dieting started for her in a very unhealthy way in high school.

After yoyo dieting for about 10 years, restricting all week and binging on weekends, Elin competed in a bodybuilding competition, thinking that was healthier than what she was doing, but she admits it made everything worse.

She then tried crossfit, was training twice a day, still restricting all week and binging on weekends, and after six months of crossfit she wasn’t seeing results so she found a nutrition coach.

Elin replaced restriction with an obsession with calorie counting, even bringing her food scales home to Sweden for Christmas and stressing about holiday food.

After being home, she realized their was so much more to life than counting calories and being lean.

Started studying nutrition and found the world of flexible dieting.

Elin says the method changed her life and healed her relationship with food and her body, and she now helps others do the same with her business Lotus Health Co.

Host: https://www.instagram.com/sigfisher/

Guest: https://www.instagram.com/elingranstrand

You are never too old and it is never too late to start in fitness
Women’s health coach Brooke Goodall picked up her first barbell when she was 40, now at 45 she’s a successful bodybuilding specialist and coach after the mum of two pursued her fitness career and goals later in life.

Surprisingly, Brooke has only been in the fitness industry for a couple of years, and is so busy she hasn’t even launched her website yet!

Kids, divorce, imposter syndrome – Brooke has had many obstacles that could have stopped her, but her passion for a better life and helping women do the same pushed her through it.

“When you hit 40 you either realise it’s the start of your life or you feel like it’s the end”

“You’re never too old to start your dream job”

Listen to this inspiring chat and know that no matter where you are in life, you can reinvent yourself, you can be successful.

Host: https://www.instagram.com/sigfisher/

Guest https://www.instagram.com/brookegoodall/

Re-discovering a love for fitness after competing or burnout
Two-time Australian Triathlon Champion and Women’s Health coach Asha Burnley spoke with Siggy about the grueling training for triathlons and the toll being a PT takes on the body too.

Now helping women maximise their energy, balance work and life while still fulfilling their goals, Asha says rest, recovery and prioritising your health is vital to the process.

Asha said admitting burnout was hard, but it was so important to be aware of it and accept it.

“We give, give, give, but you reach a point where you are tired all the time, and dreading the day,” she said.

Learn how Asha took action and recovered from burnout and re-kindled her love for health and fitness.

Guest: https://www.instagram.com/ashaburnley/

Host: https://www.instagram.com/sigfisher/

Obsessed with lean – is it healthy? The long-term health risks of chronic dieting and the benefits of strength training for women
Anthea Woodruff, women’s PT and online coach, tells us about the journey from chronic undereating and bodybuilding, to getting strong, powerlifting and changing her mindset around fitness and food.

Her business @thrivestronger now helps women thrive in all aspects through training, nutrition and mindset.

Anthea joined the gym in high school. At just 16 years of age, she got hooked and was vigorously training 6-7 times a week and eating only 1300-1400 calories a day – she was convinced that she was being healthy.

“I didn’t know at the time, I honestly thought that was the right thing, that was what heath was” she said.

She went on to train for a bodybuilding comp at age 17 and after chronically undereating, she lost her period for around 2 years.

Anthea chats to our podcast host Siggy Fisher about her switch from chronic dieting to strength and how she regained her health and menstrual cycle again.

“It wasn’t overnight, it was a hard process of trying to unlearn the desire to be lean and let go of the image” Anthea said.

Host: https://www.instagram.com/sigfisher/

Guest: https://www.instagram.com/thrivestronger/

Is it really PCOS? How stress can rock your hormone health and bridging the gap between mind and body
When Abbey (@weglow.wellness) lost her period at age 20 after coming off the pill, she was fobbed off as having PCOS and told to just worry about it when she wants kids.

Occupational therapist turned wellness coach, Abbey was sick of doctors and even women’s specialists not looking at the big picture of health.

When she decided to come off the contractive pill, she expected her cycle to resume as normal, but when it didn’t, doctors and specialists told her she had PCOS.

“I didn’t have elevated androgen levels or any other physical symptoms of PCOS. She said, just manage it now and try IVF when you want kids”

After taking 2 years to recover her period and hormone health, Abbey became driven to help other women like her.

She now bridges the gap between the mind and body to help women regain their health.

Siggy and Abbey have an amazing in depth chat about trauma and self-awareness and how to heal the mind to help the body.

Host: https://www.instagram.com/sigfisher/

Guest: https://www.instagram.com/abbey.sandersonmilera/

Why we binge eat – Functional medicine and holistic health with Laura Morel Wellness
Laura Morel is passionate about helping women by identifying core issues to find the right solution for them.

After competing at a young age, she hit rock bottom, lost her menstrual cycle, suffered with binge eating and was diagnosed with PCOS.

Tired of the all-or-nothing cycle, Laura fought her way back to health and through her journey she realised there were huge gaps between health services.

She now links psychological, nutritional and fitness coaching with her holistic approach to wellness.

Hormones, gut health and empowering women with knowledge
Sig Fisher chats to Nutritionist Dani Bulian about all things women’s health and empowerment through health education

Dani gives us the lowdown on hormone health and shares her battle with Hashimoto’s Disease and Breast Implant Illness

Hear about:

– What is a healthy hormone cycle and how to tell if you have good adrenal health.

– What she wasn’t taught when she studied fitness

– Daily habits that affect your menstrual cycle and can improve PMS

– Biofeedback and so much more about holistic health

“Don’t ignore your body, if you are fatigued, experiencing pain, seek answers, try and find the rout cause. Our bodies are made to function optimally so if you are feeling unwell, find out why and make the changes to improve it.” – Dani

Building a business that aligns with you and becoming a successful boss babe
Alex McNeil and Siggy Fisher chat about how they got into the fitness industry, how their journey’s evolved and how they got to where they are now

The girls share some wisdom for anyone starting out in the industry and how to create a successful and enjoyable business

While their businesses differ greatly, they have a common goal – Changing women’s perception of health and fitness from just aesthetics and weight loss to strength, ability and empowerment.

Both girls emphasised that the more you invest in yourself, the more your clients are going to benefit and the more clients you will retain and obtain.

Alex: https://www.instagram.com/alex_girlswholift/

Siggy: https://www.instagram.com/sigfisher/

Are you a control freak? – Fear of letting go may be holding you back from the results and life you want
Sig Fisher speaks to Maya @maytivate.pt about unlearning habits that don’t serve you, how too much structure can kill your vibe and how to stop comparing yourself to others.

Maya opens up about a tragedy made her realise what was important in life and to let go of control.

She tells us about how she wasn’t happy when she got to her leanest and that self-acceptance was the key.

“If you can’t accept yourself at every stage, you won’t be happy when you reach that goal either,” she said.

Hear Maya’s advice on how to show up as your authentic self.

Host: https://www.instagram.com/sigfisher/

Guest: https://www.instagram.com/maytivate.pt/

Helping people on a deeper level: Ashleigh Boehm on how healing from negative body image evolved her as a coach and person
Siggy Fisher speaks with Ashleigh Boehm of Warrior Woman Wellness about her evolution from aesthetics focused fitness to spiritual and mindset.

Ashleigh helped women with physical transformations for years, but as she evolved, so did her coaching style.

With a long history of eating disorders, Ashleigh admitted she was projecting her own unhealed wounds onto her clients.

Always fat loss focused, it wasn’t until Ashleigh did a soul-searching journey in South America, that she realised while she thought she was helping people, she was actually projecting her unhealed wounds onto them.

“I cried when I realised that I had been telling women to lose weight, when most of them did not need to,” she said.

She now coaches and practices informed eating – the middle ground between intuitive eating and nutritional science.

Strong over skinny: Soph Allen talks about gaining weight her battles with endometriosis
If you are feeling bad about gaining weight, or struggling with body image as a coach, this podcast is a must listen!

NWFA Podcast host Siggy speaks with Sophie Allen about the rollercoaster many women go on when embarking on a fitness journey.

The girls chat about how ditching the scales helped her overcome negative body image, how she dealt with negative comments online and how she trains and eats now after a break from dieting.

Sophie also talks about her battles with endometriosis and mistake that almost killed her.

Her app – Train With Soph – is now a global fitness platform, helping women build confidence, get strong, perfect their technique

“I was really misinformed coming through my fitness journey, so I wanted to educate and help women in their journeys,” she said.

Thinking of getting into fitness as a career?

Sophie says:

“What you do in your spare time for free, is really indicative of where you’re likely to get paid to do something that doesn’t really feel like work.”

Sophie also gives us the best tips on how to grow your online presence and business.

Host: Siggy Fisher https://www.instagram.com/sigfisher/

Guest: Sophie Allen https://www.instagram.com/sopheallen/


Bariatric Surgery – is it worth it?
Over 14,000 operations for weight loss are performed in Australia each year. About 70% of those are gastric sleeve, 20% gastric band and 10% gastric bypass.

We speak with ex pro hockey player and personal trainer Rhonda about her long battle with eating disorders, and why she chose to go under the knife.

Is there still stigma around it?

What is recovery like?

Do you get enough support post-op?

How do you recover properly after training?

What happens when old habits creep back in?

We also unpack the mental load and mindset techniques that have helped Rhonda get through it all.

Host: https://www.instagram.com/laurencalvin_lc/
Guest: https://www.instagram.com/rhondie_roo_

Succeeding in sport, business and Instagram with Paige (biker biddie) Mills
Paige (Biker Biddie) Mills is a powerlifting, Harley riding, triathlon champion who inspires thousands of women to breakthrough barriers and kick-ass in life, sport and business.

NWFA Podcast host Alex McNeil from Girls Who Lift, spoke with the Instagram star turned athlete about how to build a following and grow your business to support the lifestyle you deserve.

Her page @bikerbiddie has more than 311K followers, and she runs a successful coaching business from a shipping container that she crafted into a boutique strength studio in Geelong (@40ftstrong).

The self proclaimed ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ is pretty darn good at anything she turns her hand to.

Starting out like many do in the fitness industry, Paige was simply lifting weights to look better naked. But after she high bar squatted 100kg at 65kg body weight, a friend told her she should try powerlifting.

“I was training with a lot of men, I just thought everyone could do that, wasn’t a big deal, then a friend of mine said I should try power lifting. I said ‘Show me the women doing this sport'”

When she found them she started training with them and after winning her first novice comp she realised she was not just average, but naturally elite.

Paige said changing that focus from how the body looks to what the body can do, is empowering.

listen to Paige’s tips on innovative ways for coaches to make money, and how to be authentic and grow a following on Instagram, as well as her plans for the future.

“There is so much demand for good personal trainers, to make a living you don’t need a big following or even be different to others,” Paige said.

“Everyone wants to improve their body and their lifestyle, there is room for everyone in the industry.

“If you are 55 and have only been training yourself for 5 years and you don’t have abs you can still fill a (PT) book by being personable and being nice to people, talking to people at the gym, and repetition.

“5-10 years ago, being perfect and having abs all year round, was the way to go viral and have success. Now it is so hard to go viral on Instagram, being lean and beautiful doesn’t cut it.

“Its not enough for people to juts be hot, you need to show personality and be authentic.

Don’t disregard having a few thousand followers, they are so valuable, but if you want to grow collaboration is key” Paige added.

Host – Alex McNeil: https://www.instagram.com/alex_girlsw…

Guest – Paige Mills: https://www.instagram.com/bikerbiddie/

Why women should train differently to men and what we should have been taught at school about our hormones
Siggy Fisher speaks with women’s physio Kayla Mulvogue about all things female fitness and functionality

Kayla explains some of the anatomical differences in female body’s and how to change a strength program to suit.

Siggy and Kayla chat about how you can work with your hormones and physiology, why female trainers are so important in the industry and the potential dangers of hormonal birth control for young girls and women.

Bridging the gap between rehab and personal training with Dr Dani Antonellos
Making waves the industry and bridging the gap between rehab and fitness, Alex McNeil speaks with Dr Dani Antonellos about education and allied health.

Personal trainer, pro bikini athlete, osteopath and co-host of the popular podcast “Level Up: With Sharelle & Dan” – we chat with Dani about how she got to where she is, her advise for others in the industry and what she plans to do next!