The Ultimate Undergrad
PT & Nutrition Package

If you’re currently an unqualified female in both fitness and nutrition – you’re going to love our pioneering and innovative new qualification package!

If you take a look back at the origins of Personal Training, the demands and requirements of what a Personal Trainer is expected to perform has changed significantly since its inception as a professional career path.

In contrast to that, the preparatory and certification process, has not.

It’s a bit like the car maker holden just reproducing the 1997 commodore without any real upgrades.

Recognising this, we’ve put together far and away the most comprehensive foundation you’ll find to prepare you for a highly successful fitness and nutrition career!

Our Ultimate Undergrad PT & Nutrition Package

Obtain your Certificate III in Fitness

* Then complete your Certificate IV in Fitness

* And become a Certified Women’s Nutrition Adviser

* Plus obtain our Masters Certificate in Female Fitness Programming

* And if you feel you need it, take up a work experience program under an approved mentor (optional)

This all-in-one package lowers the fees drastically than if you studied each course separately.

Why do you need this?

Once upon a time, engineers just worked with a wheel.

Society advanced and suddenly we wanted bridges, planes and skyscrapers.

Hence the role and education programs for engineers developed and specialised.

The role of a fitness professional has expanded and evolved onto a different path to how it began and change is long overdue to prepare current PT’s more specifically for what society expects from them.

The National Cert III and IV in Fitness has its place and teaches the safe and fundamentals aspects of what is required as a Personal Trainer and exercise-to-music (Les Mills type classes) instructor.

It was designed many years ago and when it was constructed, the prevailing job pathway for graduates was a workday involving the teaching of exercise-to-music classes, being employed as a gyms all-round service provider (floor instructors) and/or 1:1 exercise training on gym floors as a rent-paying PT.

The only nutrition coaching that really took place back then were bodybuilder PT’s providing very generic diets to their bodybuilding clients.

Ie, a 12-week prep diet scribbled onto one A4 sheet of paper!

The predominant mindset and attitude of both PT’s and the general public was that exercise was king and you could just ‘burn off’ your diet accidents.

Fast forward 20+ years with seemingly every second female competing in at least one mainstream physique competition, and the acceleration of research around nutrition, you can see this mindset has flipped, and the daily role of what a Cert III & IV graduate PT delivers to clients has changed significantly.

Floor instructors are extinct, exercise to music is in the too-hard-basket for most gyms, and many PT’s sit behind computers all day!

The major shift, and now the biggest risk, is that many PT’s are now engaging in what is legally construed as ‘the functions and responsibilities of a dietitian’ – without any insurance to protect them.

In case you’re not aware, nutrition counselling beyond the most ridiculously simple advice is completely outside the scope of practice of what a Personal Trainer is qualified or insured to perform.

On top of this, the National Cert III & IV has no curriculum around issues facing exercising females – pre & post-partum, menopause, menstrual cycle, body image/psychology etc.

Consequently, Personal Trainers are not insured to coach pre and post-partum women unless they’ve obtained specific and accredited qualifications.

Our solution for you

We’ve designed a super comprehensive qualification and preparatory program for unqualified fitness professionals in Australia and New Zealand.

A detailed program that fills the gaps around nutrition counselling and sets you apart as a coach working with women’s health issues.

One that provides you with full insurance coverage around exercise, nutrition and specific issues such as pre & post-partum coaching.

Graduating from this ultimate package should, in most cases, give you more than enough skills, knowledge and confidence to go out there and kick butt!

However, for those of you wanting a little more time and preparation, we’ve also included an optional work experience program that you can undertake in one of our selected gyms.

This will not only allow you to understand the intricate running of a gym and PT business, but also serve like an extended job interview.

At the conclusion of our work experience programs, we find a high percentage of our students get offered a job in the gym or gyms where they undertook the work experience!

Please note – even though the work experience program is available nationwide, it can sometimes be challenging to find partners in remote areas.

The Ultimate Undergrad PT & Nutrition Package

    • Certificate III in Fitness separately $1950
    • Certificate IV in Fitness separately $1950
    • Certified Women’s Nutrition Adviser separately $2900
    • Masters Certificate in Female Fitness Programming separately $1900
    • Sunday Workshops Program separately $1350
    • Academy Merchandise  
    • Work experience program in a gym of your choice (optional) 

    Separately $10,050

    In this heavily discounted package, just $6350

    Would you like to know how to obtain a part of these qualifications with us in Bali?

    • Payment plans available starting from $59 per week with the ability to spread it out over 24 months
    • Start the same day you enrol
    • We run a flexi-study curriculum so it’s possible to complete this whole package anywhere from 14 weeks to 2 years (go at your own speed)
    • New Zealanders can undertake the same program with the same insurance and payment plan options

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